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Talking about our experiences, feelings and emotions can be difficult, and often we may feel that we do not want to burden others. Sometimes we may not want others to know how we feel, as we worry about others opinions, and try to maintain certain behaviours. Alternatively, we may feel we do not have anyone we can talk to.

This is where we find ourselves in situations where we may feel trapped, or stuck in the same old cycle, but do not understand why. We may just end up feeling lost and in need of support. There may be times when we feel we cannot understand why we feel the way we do. That things are never going to change.

Many of us are struggling with our mental health, feeling isolated, lonely, sad, feeling depressed, scared to go out again, and of course, those who have lost loved ones, who are grieving.

Talking about how we feel can help us feel better emotionally and physically. It can encourage a new awareness of our emotions and feelings, breaking those patterns of thoughts and behaviour that make life so difficult, and in turn enabling us to move forward. This is where counselling and psychotherapy may help.

About me

I understand that making the decision to undertake counselling and psychotherapy may feel daunting. You may feel unsure, scared, worried what feelings counselling may bring to your awareness. Maybe you have tried counselling or psychotherapy before and are now facing new challenges; maybe you are suffering in a relationship. Maybe feelings of anxiety, low self-esteem and lack of confidence are making life difficult, or maybe you just feel fed up of feeling the way you do.

As a person-centred counsellor and psychotherapist, I believe that each and every one of us is a unique individual, made up of our own experiences, feelings and emotions. I also believe that, the same unique individual has the ability to change, develop, grow, and achieve their true potential, given the opportunity.

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